One of the myriad ways I’m weird…

  I am. There's no one contesting this, and reason number 234 on the list of why I'm weird? I'm an author who hates descriptives. I mean really hates them. Heck, I'm a reader who hates descriptives. I love spare writing. Those paragraphs that let me fill in the color of the sketch are my... Continue Reading →

Mrs. Strangelove; or How I learned to stop worrying and love the cyborg

I apologize in advance for what is likely to be a heavy post. I overcame an obstacle today, that may seem kind of silly, but it was there. It was definitely there.  Without going cray cray into detail, I've had my choices taken away before. Lots of us have, and, when that boundary crossed is... Continue Reading →

My heart is in #Orlando

Yeah, I know, stop the presses. Today, I just find myself with a lot to say. The debate is raging around us even now, and I find one thought returning to my mind over and over. Whatever else this was, it was, yet another, act of hatred against the LGBT community. Everybody was in that... Continue Reading →


I just spent seven days without a phone.  Adrift, in a digital wasteland. No text. No kindle. It was a nightmare. What happened to me? I remember a time when I never had a cell phone and, truthfully, when it was just a phone, I was fine. I didn't miss it when it was gone. None of... Continue Reading →

Isn’t it romantic?

I've spent my fair share of time in romantic situations, just like anybody else. I've recently had this epiphany. Romance has changed in my generation.  For the better possibly.  I'm a child of the Buffy gen. Love took a little bit of a dark turn for the women of the nineties as they changed the... Continue Reading →

Dear Soothsayer

I try and keep my mind pretty open, however, there is a way to do that without it falling out. Our society is sick, and I say this as a mother, not an open-minded nerd girl. Nibiru, Ah, Nibiru I just let my eleven year old go onto the interwebs with her friends, and she... Continue Reading →


Tomorrow is Fall fest. In the tiny town we live in, that's like a superbowl. We'll have a parade that lines about ten city blocks, mini golf and sugar as far as the eye can see. And I got sick. Attendance is mandatory this year, as it is every year, since I am the only... Continue Reading →

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