The Chimera Protocol

I've decided to do this fun thing I've wanted to do where I hit some of my favorite scifi trope. A chimera is a blend of two animals into one creature. In this case, it's mixing Scifi with romance to make my favorite kinds of monsters.  The first book is all about genetic manipulation and... Continue Reading →

New Release News

May 31st is the beginning of the Brother Assassins series, and it's time for a little preview.  Mal Renata was born with the proverbial silver spoon in her mouth, but it never stopped her from becoming the voice of the Braxian people. As an activist fighting off mankind’s inevitable slide into cruelty and prejudice, she... Continue Reading →

SFR Brigade Showcase

Welcome to Future Fairytales! I'm part of this awesome fan group for SFR, and this is an excellent example of why. The Brigade showcase is basically fun content from your favorite authors for free all over the internet. That's just awesome. And, today, I'm participating with a sneak peek at my new release, out on... Continue Reading →

Head in the clouds, feet on the ground

Cry Havoc is in production, I promise. It's become clear, however that the next series in the universe I've build around the Carry Bell is purely scifi young adult. There may be some romantic elements, I don't know yet. But, the main characters are kids trying to survive a war together. It's not going to... Continue Reading →

New to the Indie Shelves

This week's announcement comes from Rebecca Airies. Her new novel, Sabotaged Desires, debuts on May 2. She's sent on a snippet to give you an idea what to expect from a menage in space. Excerpt: “Get your ass to the hatch and let us out now,” Robert yelled. Ever the demanding Captain. Robert expected people... Continue Reading →

She writes on the blog

We have another awesome guest post today, and today is her release day! So, you can go directly from here to Amazon and snatch up a copy of the newest AM Manay serial November Snow. I'd like you all to meet, November Snow. If you haven't been following her story, here's a bit of it... Continue Reading →

Lost in Edit

Brother Mine is done, and I'm in the waiting to edit stage. I try not to look at a WIP for a few days after. Let it marinate.  Sailor was fun. The entire Home in the Stars series was fun. This one was... passionate. I really got to let go with the feelings in this... Continue Reading →

WIP it good.

Works in progress are the artist's bread and butter, and, as a reader, I love the snippets that tell me what my favorite authors are doing? My current project, now that Redemption is in final edit, is a new series called Brother Assassins. Here's a snippet from the first release in this series, Brother Mine.... Continue Reading →

Excerpt of Redemption Lost

Alcatraz came up on screens green and golden in bright noonday sun. It was a vibrant, growing moon with a rich ecosystem. It's use as a penal colony baffled the mind given it's rich resources, until you realized the colony was most likely used as slave labor and the planet's probably vast mineral reserves were... Continue Reading →

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