Starting over

That's been the theme of this week, which is a little ironic. Ironic because, I hate new year's resolutions. Hate them. They just seem so arbitrary. You can't resolve more on January first than you can on December thirtieth. You have the same amount of resolved on both days. But, I want to do this... Continue Reading →

Is this thing on?

How I love connecting with my readers. All writers are different. Some just want to stay in the writer cave and never come out, and some hate the marketing. I won't lie. I really don't like the marketing. But I do love the connections. I love hearing what the readers think, and sharing all the... Continue Reading →

Happy Early Halloween!

You know, I love Fall. I love Halloween, and I love readers.  Beginning today, signing up for my newsletter is nothing less than instant gratification. Get a copy of Brother Mine, just for showing up.  In a future world where aliens are hated, loving one is the most dangerous thing a girl can do. Mal... Continue Reading →

Getting to Know You

One the advice of a successful author, I'm attempting to grow my email fan base. It's not an easy job. So, on her advice, You'll start seeing a graphic at the end of the first novel that extends a special offer for readers who enjoyed Home is the Sailor to get the second novel for... Continue Reading →

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