Got a thing for authentic BDSM? I do, too.

I get really tired of the pretenders. BDSM relationships can be just as romantic as any other sexual relationship, but so often they're portrayed as cheap, temporary or just plain wrong. Pandora Spocks doesn't do that. Her portrayals of adult sexual relationships are so honest and open that you can't help but fall in love... Continue Reading →

How to write the perfect book boyfriend

  Guest poster Pandora Spocks is making the rounds this week and hitting a few blogs in preparation for her new release on April 18th of the final chapter of her Rannigan series, and it's a doozy. How lucky can I get? Not only did she do her release announcement on a Fairytale Feature, but... Continue Reading →

Fairytale Feature: Pandora Spocks

Michael Rannigan sees the writing on the wall. And he’s determined to find redemption. He knows he’s spent his life keeping everyone at arm’s length. He’s burned bridges and destroyed friendships, leaving a path of destruction in his wake. But he thinks he’s found a way to make things right. At least for the one... Continue Reading →

An interview with Pandora Spocks

For this interview, we've really opened the box. Pandora Spocks identifies herself as a writer of literary erotica. Otherwise known as a purveyor of the sexy books. Pandora chooses to write then as a work of love. She writes the books she wants to read, she says, and loves a happily ever after almost as... Continue Reading →

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