A Temporary Farewell

No, not to you guys! To science fiction. Needing a switch up, I've decided to do a contemporary story I've always wanted to do. So far it has plenty of romance, bear shifters and fried chicken. I know, right? Perfect novel. So I thought I'd give you a snippet of what I'm doing. Understanding her... Continue Reading →

Jolie Mason’s Paranormal Showcase

First rule of author club is never talk about author club... OR we will never shut up about the books we write or the books we love. It's just a fact. Authors fangirl and fanboy four times harder than the average human. It's a real fact. I didn't just make that up. Today on the... Continue Reading →

An Interview with an…author

What'd ya think I was gonna say? Huh. Today we're talking with Urban Fantasy author, Libby Doyle about her new series releases.   Jolie:  How do you classify your books?    Libby:   They are urban fantasy. They are set partly in Philadelphia and partly in an alien world, which is why I’ve labeled them... Continue Reading →


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