Greed Fall might be a bit short on romance

Image from Greed Fall by Spiders Linked to source. Possible spoilers ahead... Don't get me wrong. It's a good game, and I do believe it gives DA a real run for its money. My review of it as a game is that it's top notch, a real competitor. Yet, I love the story of RPG... Continue Reading →

Guardians of Tara Series- Two books in.

This week I got the chance to get in one of my Go To reads, The Battle Cry by SM Schmitz. It's a sequel series, so don't read it til you get through the first series, The Unbreakable Sword. Action/adventure is the best descriptive ever for these books. They are heavy on the action and... Continue Reading →

Hackett’s Heroes

Anna Hackett's apocalypse isn't like anyone else's apocalypse. Spent a little time reading Anna's books 1-4 this week, and it was a really entertaining collection. So far, they are all Kindle Unlimited titles. ┬áSet in Sydney, the cast of characters is an amalgam of nationality, ethnicity, culture and background that is nearly dizzying, but extremely... Continue Reading →

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