From the author’s desk: High Risk, High Reward

The History of the 47th In the far future, warfare has changed, but people have stayed the same. The world the Lancers inhabit is pretty similar to the world we have. Oh, they've had hiccups and atrocities crop up as time went on, but the essentials stayed the same. Business is king. In fact, it... Continue Reading →

When bad boys switch sides

Assassins are bad, right? Well, kinda. They are killers for hire, but ...what if they changed sides? What would happen then? That's the premise of my Brother Assassins series. Some of these men are victims of circumstance. They do what they have to, in order to survive. In the case of Brother Mine, he's one... Continue Reading →

For the love of Mechs

Almost every book I've published has mechs in it. Can't help it. Why, you ask? Massive metal death dealing machines of war are great story fodder, and, in my case, I have a thing for the men and women who might want to jump in one and give it a spin. It would take an... Continue Reading →

The Politics of Scifi Romance

"Individual science fiction stories may seem as trivial as ever to the blinder critics and philosophers of today - but the core of science fiction, its essence, the concept around which it revolves, has become crucial to our salvation if we are to be saved at all."- Asimov Now, the question constantly being asked in... Continue Reading →

InstaFreebie = Instant Action

Hey, Gang. So, there's this website called instafreebie where someone like say an author of SFR yummy goodness can give away books, and someone like say .... a reader of yummy goodness can pick up said giveaways. What's my point? Oh yeah, I'm doing a giveaway! Silly.  Riding Redemption has 50 free copies available for... Continue Reading →

Books are out there…

Hey, it's a good week for SFR fans, you know. There are two awesome projects coming up that you NEED to know about. Seriously.  First is Portals. A sampler project that is intended to help shoppers get a feel for the genre and find books they love in one convenient place. You won't believe some... Continue Reading →

The Red Sky at Night Freebie

A little snippet of Ari and Caden's beginning Ari looked like she'd been through hell though. She stood to the side with her arms wrapped around her middle, looking like the world was ending. "We're finished," she said in a surly tone. "No, we're not." Ari poked him with one finger. "You are leaving. That's... Continue Reading →

Coming soon: Red Sky at Night

I recently finished a freebie short story that I think will make everyone really happy. It's the Home is the Sailor prequel! Inspired by Cynthia Sax who is brilliant and you should check her out.  Brinn and Arden's story is in edit, and will be up and ready to go in the early Fall. Here's a... Continue Reading →

Did you say Pets in Space?

Nine incredible stories from today's leading SFR authors that will take you on action-packed adventures. I get to do a cover reveal! I get to do a cover reveal! Calm Down. Calm Down. Okay. Okay, I'm so excited. If you know anything about scifirom, you know this is like a who's who in the genre. I... Continue Reading →

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