“Hard” and “Soft” in world building

One day, you will be old enough to start reading fairytales again. - C.S. Lewis What does it mean? You've heard the term hard and soft scifi used to describe science fiction world-building. In fantasy, it describes the magical system, but the two are essentially exactly the same principle. Hard Systems A hard world building... Continue Reading →

Chapter one teaser!

"‘Cry Havoc!’ and let slip the dogs of war, that this foul deed shall smell above the earth!", shouted the mechpilot standing on a chair in the midst of the recreation center. Groans and chuckles, accompanied by admonitions, filled the room. Aiden Simeon smiled at the camaraderie among the mech pilots even as he rushed... Continue Reading →

Books are out there…

Hey, it's a good week for SFR fans, you know. There are two awesome projects coming up that you NEED to know about. Seriously.  First is Portals. A sampler project that is intended to help shoppers get a feel for the genre and find books they love in one convenient place. You won't believe some... Continue Reading →

Coming soon: Red Sky at Night

I recently finished a freebie short story that I think will make everyone really happy. It's the Home is the Sailor prequel! Inspired by Cynthia Sax who is brilliant and you should check her out.  Brinn and Arden's story is in edit, and will be up and ready to go in the early Fall. Here's a... Continue Reading →

The Chimera Protocol

I've decided to do this fun thing I've wanted to do where I hit some of my favorite scifi trope. A chimera is a blend of two animals into one creature. In this case, it's mixing Scifi with romance to make my favorite kinds of monsters.  The first book is all about genetic manipulation and... Continue Reading →

BookCrazy Booth Space

You may know that I'm hosting a Virtual Book Fair, or you may not. Well, now you do. So, this is my virtual book space. The series you see above has a free starter book, so yay, you! My plan for the Home in the Stars novels was simple. One ship passed down among three... Continue Reading →

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