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It wasn't just a ship. It was home. Ari Badu captained her own small cargo fleet across the sector, but there were times when it seemed the ships flew her: Times like now when she had an order that needed to be delivered to her home planet, and no ship to do it but the... Continue Reading →

I’m the anti-nano

Nanowrimo has come and gone. I literally did ... well, the same thing I always do. I wrote a few words, worked, parented children, and I have gone on just as I have always done. It's a regret of mine, and, I admit, it used to cause me some disquiet, some minor discomfort.  There was... Continue Reading →

When bad boys switch sides

Assassins are bad, right? Well, kinda. They are killers for hire, but ...what if they changed sides? What would happen then? That's the premise of my Brother Assassins series. Some of these men are victims of circumstance. They do what they have to, in order to survive. In the case of Brother Mine, he's one... Continue Reading →

People Keep Asking…

Every author gets questions. The most common one  I get is this; Are you Ari Badu? Answer; not even remotely. When I got the idea for Home is the Sailor, it was Ari that came to me first. She's not the typical, spunky heroine. She is very much an older, experienced woman who got handed... Continue Reading →

New to the Indie Shelves

This week's announcement comes from Rebecca Airies. Her new novel, Sabotaged Desires, debuts on May 2. She's sent on a snippet to give you an idea what to expect from a menage in space. Excerpt: “Get your ass to the hatch and let us out now,” Robert yelled. Ever the demanding Captain. Robert expected people... Continue Reading →

Review of Peyton313

Donna McDonald has an entire series based around the subject of genetic engineering and playing god by redefining mankind. I won't lie. She had me at hello. This concept is on my nightmare scenario list. Peyton 313 is available as an Amazon Unlimited title. Long story short and trying to avoid the spoilers, Dr. Kyra... Continue Reading →

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