My name is Adra

Hey, y'all. You've heard a bit about the series that will be releasing soon. It's about a girl in the small town south who gets a .... well, a  surprise. Spoilers and all of that, but I thought I'd set the stage a bit and talk about Carter. That's my town. It's directly on the... Continue Reading →

The Radish Connection

With my new focus on writing for the Radish app, I've got a few links to share. If you haven't tried my space opera yet, you can try it for free here:   My latest project will be Tiny Crosses, and I'm really proud of this one. If you love shifters and magic, this... Continue Reading →

A Temporary Farewell

No, not to you guys! To science fiction. Needing a switch up, I've decided to do a contemporary story I've always wanted to do. So far it has plenty of romance, bear shifters and fried chicken. I know, right? Perfect novel. So I thought I'd give you a snippet of what I'm doing. Understanding her... Continue Reading →

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